CSCE National Honours, Awards & Fellowships

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) recognizes individuals and institutions for their outstanding professional achievements and for their contribution to the profession as a whole. An overview of the Honours, Awards, and Fellowships can be found on the 
CSCE National Awards webpage (click here to open in new window).

The CSCE Vancouver Section plays an active role in identifying and recommending deserving local candidates to the selection committee of the CSCE National.

CSCE Vancouver Section Student Awards and Sponsorships

The CSCE Vancouver Section has also taken its own initiatives to honour as well as to encourage the student members to achieve greater heights in their fields. CSCE Vancover Section has established the following awards-

(only Civil Engineering Undergraduate students with active CSCE membership are eligible.)

To UBC Undergrad Students: 
3 scholarships worth $500.00 each annually
To BCIT Undergrad Students: 
3 scholarships worth $500.00 each annually

In addition, CSCE Vancouver Section annually contributes direct financial sponsorship as well as networking support to the UBC and BCIT student chapters to organize Annual Professional Night events. The Professional or Industry Night events are a mixer type of social events among students and industry professionals. Furthermore, CSCE Vancouver Section also helps its student chapters with direct financial support to take part in different inter-university competitions such as Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition, The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, and so forth in Canada and abroad. Occasionally, CSCE Vancouver Section has also sponsored UBC Civil Engineering graduate students for their various professional growth-related activities.

Oftentimes, CSCE Vancouver Section takes longer but direct strides to enhance the image of Civil Engineering in our communitites. In 2008, we ventured out to inspire Grade 11 and 12 students and get them appreciate Civil Engineers. The response was more than a handful!

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