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The CSCE envisions different membership types in order to cater suitably and meaningfully to you and your interests. The general CSCE Membership Advantage applies to all the membership types; additionally, there are further benefits for your particular membership group too.

For Individuals

  • MEMBER: A MEMBER of the CSCE (or MCSCE) normally holds a recognized educational qualification in Civil Engineering at the level recognized by a Provincial Association of Professional Engineers and whose competence has been established by at least four years of professional experience.

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: An ASSOCIATE MEMBER of the CSCE normally holds a Civil Engineering degree from a recognized university but has not yet acquired the qualifications for full membership related to the extent of professional practice. This group of membership is aimed at recent graduates working as Engineers-in-Training (EITs).

  • PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE: Technologists, technicians, and other persons working in the field of Civil Engineering can become PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATEs or TECHNICAL AFFILIATEs of the CSCE and participate in all activities of the Society.
  • Download documents for membership as MEMBER, or ASSOCIATE MEMBER, or PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE from within Canada or internationally
    (In English, for French language options, please visit the CSCE National)

    Membership Application

  • STUDENT MEMBER: A STUDENT MEMBER pursues Civil Engineering education on a full-time basis at a Canadian University or College and may participate in activities of the Society through the Student Chapters.
  • For membership as STUDENT MEMBER please contact the CSCE Student Chapter at your University or College

For Companies And Corporations

  • CORPORATE MEMBER: In 2000, CSCE launched a CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP Campaign to solicit new members from the public and corporate sectors.
  • For CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP please visit the CSCE National Corporate Membership page, the CSCE National will happily discuss with you the various dimensions of the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP and help make it mutually beneficial.

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