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CSCE Past Event Presentation Slides

February 2016 Low Level Road Project: A Sustainable Case Study Seminar

February 2015 Evergreen Tunnel Tour

November 2014 Flood Management Seminar

March 2014 Expo Line Upgrade Strategy

November 2013 Port Mann Shaft Construction

September 2012 National Lecture Tour - First Conadian Infrastructure Report Card

CSCE Guidelines For Sustainable Development: "Entrusted To Our Care"

Authored by Alan Perks, Brian Burrell, Bob Korol, Ata Khan, Jean Heroux, and Laurie Ford, Members of the CSCE Task Force on the updating of the CSCE Guidelines on Sustainable Development.

This document presents the CSCE Guidelines for Sustainable Development, updated in 2006, in response to changing issues and Civil Engineering needs. The revised guidelines are intended to assist today's civil engineering community to practice their profession in the most sustainable manner possible.

The main focus is to instill the concepts of sustainability and life-cycle assessment into the planning, design and operation of civil infrastructure, and in this way promote the development of new technologies and management practices for minimizing the use of energy, non-renewable resources, and the production of waste material.

In English (95 KB, pdf format in new window)
En francais (64 KB, pdf format in new window)

CSCE National Lecture Tour (NLT) 2008: Technical Causes Of The Concorde Bridge Collapse

This is the PDF version of the presentation given by Dr Denis Mitchell on WED, 08-Oct-2008.

Presentation Slides (6 MB, pdf format in new window)

Downloads For The Time History Seminar Held On 14 & 15 November 2008

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Updated Presentation Slides by Dr Perry Adebar
Modeling Nonlinear Response of Structural Concrete (3.30 MB, pdf format in new window)


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